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To quote the Foreword of AS3745 – 2010 ‘The development and implementation of emergency plans and procedures are essential for the effective and efficient management of any emergency in a facility. The recommendations have been kept general so that they can be adapted to suit most workplace solutions. Regardless of size and complexity continued effort is needed to ensure that arrangements are effective in an emergency.’


GMC Fire Services offers the two most basic and necessary courses of workplace fire safety training:


Warden Training


Fire Awareness & Use of Portable Fire Fighting Equipment Training


All building owners, Property Managers and employers have an ethical and legal obligation to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all occupants and employees whilst at a place of work, at which the employers undertaking is conducted. Arrangements must be made for the safe and rapid evacuation of occupants and employees from the place of work in the event of an emergency.


Training sessions provided by GMC Fire Services will ensure you are fulfilling your minimum legal obligations in relation to the new Work, Health and Safety Act, and AS 3745-2010 'Planning for emergencies in facilities'.


In keeping with the promise of personal service, Glenn will meet with a member of your Emergency Control Organisation or with your Fire Safety representative to discuss the specific needs of your Company to enable training to be tailored to your situation.


Training will be delivered at your site. Each course is of approximately 90 minutes duration with a maximum number of 15 participants.


These courses can be presented separately or combined into one 2.5 hour session. Certificates will be issued to all participants.


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